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  • 3S ARTSPACE PRESENTS EXHIBIT FREEZE-THAW With an Artists’ Reception June 21st

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    May 07, 2018

    3S Artspace Presents Freeze-Thaw: Field Research + Works From The Arctic Circle. Please join us at 3S Artspace, 319 Vaughan Street in Portsmouth, NH  for the artists’ reception on Thursday, June 21, 5-8pm. The reception is free and open to the public.

    Reacting to and exploring barriers inhibiting individual action to climate change, Freeze-Thaw features works of video, photography, sculpture, sound, VR, and performance by 6 local and international artists. As fellows in The Arctic Circle Summer Solstice Expedition residency program in June 2017, artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators converged on a tall ship to explore remote and fascinating destinations just ten degrees from the North Pole.

    Freeze-Thaw Artists: Michelle Acuff (Washington, USA) / Rachael Dease (Perth, Australia) / Brandy Leary (Toronto, Canada) / Justin Levesque (Maine, USA) / Cara Levine (Los Angeles, USA)

    In addition to the artists listed above, NH native Anna M. Clark, also part of The Arctic Circle Summer Solstice Expedition, will bring performance art to the gallery for the show's premier, during the 3S fundraiser, Swizzle, on Saturday, June 16th.

    Occurring on the summer solstice, exactly 1 year after the original Arctic Circle residency, the Freeze-Thaw artists’ reception will transform the Gallery at 3S into a fully immersive space, fluidly communicating between the works within it and its visitors. Exhibiting suspended acrobatic performance and choreography, original musical compositions incorporating Arctic sounds, oscillating video projections of the open sea, and providing take-home resources on the psychological climate paradox, Freeze-Thaw is, in part, a representation of an indescribable and increasingly fragile destination.

    "Freeze-Thaw was unanimously welcomed into our 2018 season. When we curate a season, we consider artistic talent, a balance of mediums, and a breadth of intersecting issues or content areas,” said Beth Falconer, Executive Director at 3S Artspace. “Freeze-Thaw brings a thoughtful reflection on the state of our environment into our unique galley space through a multi-media, contemporary exhibition that we hope all members of the Seacoast and beyond will make time to experience. The exhibit, as are all exhibits at 3S, is free and open to the public."

    The exhibit also spends time meditating on psychologist Espen Stoknes’ remarks on what he calls the psychological climate paradox: "There is a growing discrepancy between the increasing scientific certainty about anthropogenic interference with the climate system and a decreasing concern and popular support for ambitious and effective climate policies."

    Justin Levesque, both a featured artist in and curator of Freeze-Thaw hopes that the exhibit will provide a path to alter the way people think about the Arctic, showing the effect of the sheer power of ice and its melting, juxtaposing strength and change. “I think it can make a remote place more tangible and less abstract,” he said. “The exhibit is another way of communicating changes in climate.”

    One of Justin’s favorite components, ‘Anchor Point’, is a series of 9 images “drawn” by the ship swaying in the ocean as GPS tracking logged a coordinate every 10 seconds. Justin described this action as data and divine merging. While Justin’s work is driven by his interest in images and how data changes them, the work of the other Freeze-Thaw artists explores varied focal points such as social practices, the people who live there, sense of grief and loss, awe of nature-- all while still remaining anchored to one another.

    “The thread that runs through the exhibit is our collective concern about this place and how that concern is communicated,” Justin said.  “Through the expedition, everyone developed a keen sense of how that concern is manipulated and guided by conversations driven by other motives. We ask ourselves ‘how do we participate authentically and crack it open?’”

    Freeze-Thaw is on exhibit in the Gallery at 3S Artspace June 16 through July 22.


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