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    June 25, 2018
    We hold a bedrock belief that you can lead from anywhere and that strong leaders make stronger companies and communities. In these days of rapid change, partisan bickering, and great divides; it is more important than ever to honor and celebrate the leaders among us, those who exemplify moral courage and who bring out our best.
    Building on this belief, we are pleased to announce the annual Alnoba Leadership Awards, which The Lewis Family Foundation will present on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at Alnoba in Kensington, New Hampshire.

    These three awards: The Moral Courage and Leadership Award, The Emerging Leader Award and CEO Environmental Leadership Award will honor the battle-tested visionary leaders who guide us; the emerging leaders who give us hope; and the business leaders who find more purpose in their work to help each of us be part of something bigger than ourselves.

    Nominations for the 2018 awards will be accepted on a rolling basis through August 15, 2018. Attached are descriptions of each award. We are honored that George ArmstrongPaul RosenbergPhilip ConklingDavid Conover, Cheryl Kiser and Susan McDonough will serve on the Alnoba Leadership Award advisory committee.

    We thank the Boston Business JournalThe Lewis Institute at Babson CollegeNH Businesses for Social Responsibility and UNH Sustainability Institute for partnering with us to present these inaugural awards.
    Please take a moment to nominate a leader you admire and who deserves our recognition and gratitude.

    Love and peace,
    Alan and Harriet


    Nominations will be open to the public and especially encouraged from Lewis Family Foundation partner organizations. Nominations may also come directly from the committee. All recipients must accept award in person.

    Presented to a visionary leader whose body of work, vision, passion and personal example have made a meaningful and measurable difference in New England. One who has shown moral courage and willingness to go the distance to help save the earth we share. The recipient is known as a strong mentor/coach and has left a lasting legacy by the cadre of bold next generation fighters and leaders they developed. Nonprofit, public service, civic or citizen leader are eligible.

    • Preference will be given to leaders in Conservation and Sustainability
    • Preference given to leaders from diverse backgrounds
    • Must have been active in the organization/project during the previous 24 months

    Award: $25,000 donation in recipient’s name to nonprofit of their choice.

    This award recognizes achievement and potential. It is presented to an extraordinary person under 40 in New England whose has shown leadership, integrity, results and grit.

    • Strong track record of playing a leading role in an organization producing social impact through the work of a business, non-profit, or grassroots effort
    • Demonstrated ability to inspire other young leaders by serving as a role model
    • Preference will be given to leaders in Conservation and Sustainability
    • Preference given to leaders who have demonstrated tenacity in overcoming personal hardship

    Award: $10,000 donation in recipient’s name to nonprofit of their choice.

    The CEO Environmental Leadership Award is established to support, inspire and recognize business leaders in New England who are helping to save the earth we share.
    The vision is for the award to leverage increased awareness and action towards a more sustainable future through the recipient’s continued leadership within his or her business, industry and the community.

    • Must be CEO/owner of a privately held company based in New England with revenue of less than $1 billion.
    • Ongoing involvement of CEO/Owner and senior leadership, as well as high employee engagement in company’s environmental initiatives
    • Evidence that the company’s green policies and practices and philanthropic efforts have had a measurable impact
    • Serve as an example and through their practices have minimal impact on the environment and contribute to more sustainable future
    Award: $10,000 donation in recipient’s name to nonprofit of their choice.
    Eric Fredereksen
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