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    April 25, 2017
    New Hampshire Legislative Office Building Hosts  Seacoast Leaders
    Concord, N.H., April 21, 2017 – Leadership Seacoast, a non-profit organization that encourages community education and local participation in wide-ranging topics, recently spent the day at the Legislative Office Building in Concord, New Hampshire hearing about a variety of government, civic, and political topics.

    Sponsored by Long Term Care Partners and Neoscope, guests started off the day with Jim Monahan of Dupont Group learning about the process of bills becoming laws and how to navigate that system. After, Steve Norton from the NH Center for Public Policy Studies led a revealing talk on the priorities of funding in a government. The class discussed with Norton the government’s budget, revenues, and finances in context to the state of New Hampshire. Conversations highlighted the priorities of funding in critical issues as well as legislative process, ease of access in New Hampshire, and the importance of individual advocacy and civic engagement.

    Finance discussion continued later in the day with a checks and balances presentation led by Russell Prescott, Executive Councilor of District 3.  The class then met with Virginia Drew of the NH Visitor Center and North County Executive Councilor Joe Kenney, who proudly came out of the Executive Councilors’ office to show off his Leadership Seacoast certificate from 1994.
    “It is extremely important to learn about the people and systems that are behind much of our life’s freedoms and opportunities,” said Jennifer Wheeler, Executive Director, Leadership Seacoast. “It is important to remind area leaders of civic responsibilities which are so important to the preservation and improvement of American constitutional democracy.” Leadership Seacoast is thankful for program day sponsors Long Term Care Partners and Neoscope for making Government Day a success.

    For more information about Leadership Seacoast and becoming a corporate sponsor, visit: http://www.leadershipseacoast.org/ or contact Jennifer Wheeler at 603-334-6063 or jwheeler@leadershipseacoast.org  
    About Leadership Seacoast
    Based in Portsmouth, N.H., the Leadership Seacoast program provides existing and future community leaders the opportunity to engage with the people and organizations that shape the Seacoast’s economic structure and social fabric. Leadership Seacoast offers its participant’s unique insight into how business, community, and politics integrate to create successful societies and how small actions can have a significant impact on the greater global good. Leadership Seacoast alumni make a difference in their communities through networking, active involvement, and personal action. Since its inception in 1988, Leadership Seacoast has created a strong foundation that values diversity of opinion and consensus building to find solutions to challenges affecting the Seacoast’s community and its future. For more information about our programs please contact us at jwheeler@leadershipseacoast.org or check out our website at www.leadershipseacoast.org