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  • New England Women's Leadership Institute

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    May 11, 2017
    A unique SUMMIT by the New England Women's Leadership Institute

    Thursday, June 22, 2017   8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Keynote Speaker: Suzanne Foster, Vice President and General Manager, Medtronic

    Suzanne Foster is the Vice President and General Manager of the Advanced Energy business unit of Medtronic, a leading global medical device company. Since being appointed in 2011, Suzanne has led the business unit in ongoing 20% year-over-year revenue growth. Medtronic Advanced Energy has been recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in New Hampshire for the past three years and as one of the top women-led businesses in the state for the past five years (BusinessNH Magazine).

    Before working at Medtronic, Suzanne was Vice President of Operations at Salient Surgical Technologies. She has worked as an attorney at the law firms of Holland & Knight and Wiggin & Nourie. Suzanne has also served as Vice President of Compliance and Ethics for the Elliot Health System. She began her career as a clinical social worker at Portsmouth Regional Hospital and has a Masters Degree in Psychology. She earned her law degree at Suffolk University Law School and has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University. Suzanne lives in Newfields, N.H., with her husband and two sons.

    Would you like to be more of a self-actualizing leader in both your personal and professional life? Are you aware of the enormous benefits to you, your relationships, and your organization?

    Do you know that there is no time to begin other than now? Self-actualization does not depend on age or education. It rests solely on a desire to be a more effective person in work and play, and to live a more engaged life.

    Abraham Maslow, creator of the Hierarchy Needs, insisted that healthy people strive to self-actualize. It is part of their nature. To self-actualize means essential two things: One is a healthy appreciation of one’s self. The second is nurturing and working with this self to live out one’s potential in all the facets of one’s life. This is an ongoing and exciting journey.

    A few key benefits that arise from the impetus to self-actualize include:

    Greater self-awareness, independence of mind, and self-acceptance
    Greater resilience, adaptability to change, and courage to take risks
    Greater internal motivation and less dependence on affirmation from external factors
    An ability to be less emotional, less fearful, less defensive, and more objective
    A capacity for more profound personal relations
    A freedom to be spontaneous and creative
    Greater self-discipline and self-mastery to see things through
    Enhanced resilience and perspective taking
    An ability to find real meaning in life
    In this hands on, highly interactive Summit you will have an opportunity to look at yourself through seven different mirrors. Through questionnaires and discussion, you will assess yourself to see in which domains you are self-actualizing; where you are inhibited, and what the blocks to growth and fulfilling your potential might be.

    Mirror 1 -- How do you self-actualize in your relationship with yourself?

    Mirror 2 -- How do you self-actualize in your relationship with others?

    Mirror 3 -- How do you self-actualize in your career?

    Mirror 4 -- How do you self-actualize in your work performance?

    Mirror 5 -- How do you self-actualize by being creative?

    Mirror 6 -- How do you self-actualize by being adaptive to change?

    Mirror 7 -- How do you self-actualize by nurturing your soul?

    These sessions will be highly interactive. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire that covers each one of these aspects and will then have an opportunity to reflect and discuss with others how they might become more self-actualizing.

    At the end of each section there will be a summing up and techniques and suggestions will be provided. By the end of the Seminar, you will have achieved greater self-awareness and some feedback, ideas and strategies for building your courage, adaptability and resilience.


    8:00 am           Registration

    8:15 am           Being and Becoming – The path the Self-Actualization (Annabel)

    8:45 am           Mirror 1 – Self-Understanding and Relationship with yourself.

    9:15 am           Mirror 2 – Relational strengths; E.I.; compassion and empathy.

    9:45 am           Mirror 3 –Career or vocation?

    10:15 am         Break

    10:30 am         Mirror 4 - Responsibility, creativity, intrinsic drive.

    11:00 am         Mirror 5 – Ability to be spontaneous, creative, courageous.

    11:30 am         Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement – group will move and meditate

    12:00 noon      Lunch

    1:00 pm           Mirror 6 – Adaptability to change

    1:30 pm           Mirror 7 – Nurturing your soul

    2:00 pm           KEYNOTE SPEAKER -- Suzanne Foster, Medtronic

    3:00 0m           Summing Up:  Questions & Discussion

    3:45 - 4:00 pm                   END

    Questions?  Contact Executive Director Annabel Beerel at 781-771-5563.  Note:  Group Discounts are available.