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  • Project SEARCH Seeks Business Advisory Council Members

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    December 18, 2018

    Project SEARCH (www.greatbaycommunitycollege.edu/btcsearch), a local collaboration between Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Great Bay Community College and Community Partners, seeks your help. Our Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a group of professionals who volunteer to provide advice, support and connections to assist Project SEARCH students in obtaining unpaid internships to practice their training and skills, hopefully leading to employment opportunities. We currently have two BAC openings for candidates who ideally are visible members of our Seacoast business community. In addition, we are seeking to establish partnerships with local businesses which may be interested in offering opportunities for program participants and/or financial support for the program. We firmly believe that members of the local business community in particular have a vested interest in ensuring that all young adults are equipped with the skills needed to become successful participants in the local economy, both as productive workers and as empowered consumers.
    For information, contact Mark S. Sullivan, President of Seacoast Asset Management and Chair of the Project SEARCH BAC, at 603) (766-1955 / seamgt@comcast.net.
    Abby Olean, Project SEARCH Program Coordinator
    (603) 334-2068