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  • Storm Warriors International to Form a Portsmouth Recommendation Committee

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    October 04, 2018
    Storm Warriors International (SWI) has been covering the state of Maine gifting 100% free media packages to vital not-for-profits who are doing noteworthy and effective work. It is now reaching into New Hampshire beginning with Portsmouth.

    The Center for Grieving Children, Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, Just Love Worldwide are just a few of many organizations they've been investing into in support of their programs and services. You can see some of the videos they've done right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz_VPGZoEYvTLwN7TkoZ7xZ7lmqJuHBrp 

    Right now, SWI is forming a Portsmouth Recommendation Committee in New Hampshire exactly as they have done in several Maine cities, including: Portland, Lewiston-Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, and along the Mid-coast. In order for Storm Warriors to be most effective in benefitting crucial New England regions and cities, they need help in identifying worthy organizations who need but cannot afford such vital tools and services. Businessmen and women of influence are needed to help make this happen. It is a great opportunity to influence and effect which vital non-profits are helped in our own region.

    The Portsmouth Recommendation Committee will meet twice a year (January and October) at a location in Portsmouth. After a brief time of mixing and munching, the Committee will share advice and suggestions from each of the Committee Members about organizations from within their community that would benefit from a comprehensive gift from Storm Warriors. This allows for great influence on the part of the Committee Members regarding which organizations will receive a media package grant from Storm Warriors for that calendar year. After that meeting takes place, Storm Warriors will select at least one (1) and up to as many as three (3) organizations to receive a media grant. Over the remainder of the year, SWI will design, develop and deliver the media tools as a 100% free gift to the selected organizations. The tools will help each selected organization in fundraising, recruiting, training and generating overall awareness. At the second meeting in October, the Committee will meet again to review the media packages that were created and celebrate whatever results are manifest at that time. 

    Each Committee member may recommend whatever organizations they most believe in, including any that he or she might already be affiliated with or on the board of. There is no conflict of interest since the Committee is a Volunteer Committee with no board vote requirements. Finally, as a Committee Member, participants have the option to visit any of SWI’s studio or on-location shoots as they occur and can experience the productions-in-progress.

    This is a rare and exceptional opportunity for businessmen and women of influence and character from the greater Portsmouth region who want to give back to the community in substantial ways.
    If you’re interested in learning more, contact the Executive Director of Storm Warriors International, Jon Nappa, at the SWI HQ by calling 207-230-8203. Or, you can send an email to jon@stormwarriors.org.

    Learn more at https://www.stormwarriors.org/
    Jon Nappa, Executive Director
    (207) 230-8203