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    Through Thick and Thin: A Path Toward Resilience.
    Artworks by Jeffrey Irwin and Meghan Voss
    March 5th - April 23rd, 2021
    Through Thick and Thin: A Path Toward Resilience.
    During the months of March and April, Kennedy Gallery is presenting the works of our staff artists, Jeffrey Irwin and Meghan VossThis show came out of our collective musings on finding a way forward through a challenging time. The nature of the challenge is not necessarily relevant - we all experience moments when the “spirit hits the bone”, hard. It is in those moments, whether as individuals or as a community, that we are faced with finding a way through. 
    The title of our show reflects the communal nature of inspiration and creativity, and the ways it supports each of the artists’ exploration and expression. For both of them, the natural environment offers the respite needed to recreate the spirit. Sometimes it is through experiencing the scaling effects of the expansive night sky. At other times it is about connecting back to the basics of how art, unencumbered by expectation, served us as a child.
    The private, personal world of an artist is their tool of the craft. Unlike engineers or accountants, they don’t get to check it at the door to their studio. The work comes forth from their personal experience – it becomes. It is not always the product, but rather the process of exploring creativity that carries the deeper meaning. That is the thing that moves us all; our path toward resilience.
    Over the last year, the opportunities to meet this challenge of finding resilience have been plentiful for all of us! We invite you to visit us to see how these two artists have tackled theirs.
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    With Covid-19 safety in mind, we have suspended our Art Around Town Receptions until further notice. We miss you all and hope to reinstate our gatherings as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, please visit us during our regular business hours M-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 11am-4pm to view our artists' work.
    For those of you who are unable to visit us in person, please keep an eye on your inbox for our show catalogue - coming soon!
    Be well and be safe!
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