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  • Kristy Badger, CDC joins Assisted Living Locators

    For over a year now you have all heard the same thing, that my name was Glen Badger, and along with my beautiful wife Kristy, we are the owners of Assisted Living Locators of New Hampshire. I'm WICKED excited to announce that, as of May 4, that beautiful wife of mine will join me full time to tell her own story! And people will stop thinking I'm crazy ;)

    While she's been our family rock for the last year while her crazy husband drove all over the state spending money on the new business, it's also been evident that something was missing from Assisted Living Locators.  Her compassion, strength, and joy. Her customer service skills. 
    Her ability to relate to people that I do not relate to as well. Her caring, serving heart. And, her actually being in the SUV with me when I'm talking to her (I'm surprised no one has called the police on me, driving down the road talking to the passenger seat....).  

    Watching her interact with her co-workers at MVSB over the last two months has only solidified what I already knew, Kristy will be an amazing fit for the people we serve every day.

    I look forward to being able to finally introduce you all to her, and she is dying to grow her relationship with the wonderful people we work with every day.

    —Glen Badger, Senior Living Advisor and Owner