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  • mirror IV, in the Gallery at 3S Artspace featuring works by Amy Stacey Curtis and Patio Life in the Lobby Gallery with works by James Collins

    3S Artspace in collaboration with the Museum of Art, UNH announces upcoming exhibit in the Gallery at 3S Artspace: mirror IV featuring the work of Amy Stacey Curtis. The exhibit opens Friday, Feb. 7 with an Artist Opening Reception held the same evening, from 5-8 p.m.

    mirror IV will be on exhibit through March 29. Exhibits at 3S Artspace are free and open to the public.

    Amy Stacey Curtis’ work is  minimal, yet ambitious, sculptures and installations are activated through audience participation. The idea of shared authorship—that visitors complete a work of art through their own understanding—is an organizing principle in Curtis’ conceptual art practice.

    “My works physically exist as art only while installed and activated by audience. Participants literally complete this imagery, invited to perpetuate and resolve the installations in specific ways,” said Amy Stacey Curtis. “My installations have never really been my own. Participants are collaborators, part of the work and event as a whole. Without audience, my installations are static and unfinished.”

    Curtis’ installation includes instructions and guidance for visitors to arrange a sequence of cubes. Visitors become participants that will influence, alter, maintain, progress, distinguish, and become part of the work.

    “We simply can’t emphasize how thrilled we are to host the work of Amy Stacey Curtis on site at 3S Artspace and to be collaborating once again with Kristina Durocher and the UNH Museum of Art” said Beth Falconer, Executive Director of 3S Artspace. “Amy’s contemporary installations have provided such inspiration to so many people. What an outstanding opportunity for Seacoast and regional audiences to have the chance to experience her work both at 3S and at UNH*.”

    Curtis said, “For each installation, I have a desired vision, progression, and result which I initiate. But, by relinquishing the concept over to the audience, my work sometimes proceeds in ways I could never anticipate...We affect everyone and everything, while everyone and everything affects us, no matter how small or fleeting the impact.”

    mirror IV was organized by the University of New Hampshire and curated by Kristina Durocher, Director, Museum of Art, and is supported by the UNH Arts Initiative Fund and through collaboration with 3S Artspace. The UNH Arts Initiative is a donor-funded project that supports UNH arts programming in New Hampshire, taking the great art created in Durham to all corners of the State.

    Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, and sponsored by Pierce Aluminum Company.  Exhibition space provided by 3S Artspace.

    *Amy Stacey Curtis has a concurrent exhibition, Transfer, at the University of New Hampshire Museum of Art. On exhibit: January 21 - April 4 (closed March 16 – 23).

    Opening and running concurrently with mirror IV is the Patio Life exhibit in the Lobby Gallery at 3S Artspace.

    The family-friendly exhibit features over 20 large format reproductions of macro life by photographer James Collins, an overhead map showing the locations of where the insects were photographed, identification guide and a fun fact photo book.

    “My favorite photo/subject [in the exhibit] is the jumping spider. It appeared to be as curious about me, as I was about it and made for a fun photoshoot,” Collins said.

    The subjects in his photographs were captured in Collins’ backyard or patio in Arlington, MA where he examines the behaviors of the often unnoticed critters lurking in tiny outdoor spaces.

    The catalyst for this project began when Collins noticed a pattern of daily visits by a wasp. “Every evening, it would land on a teak chair on the patio for a few moments before flying away. I wondered why, so I took a close-up photo. I learned the wasp was dredging the wood from the chair, which it mixes with its saliva to create pulp, which is used to build its nest,” Collins said. “Then I thought, ‘what else is going on out here?’ So, I began shooting all the patio visitors while trying to create colorful, not too creepy portraits, and learn something new about their respective behaviors.”

    “Whether planting a single flower or large garden—you won’t have to travel far to find interesting neighbors if you look close enough,” said Collins. “The exhibit is geared to adults and kids, and anyone that enjoys seeing nature up close and learning something new.”



    ? Opening Artist Reception for mirror IV and Patio Life: Friday, February, from 5-8pm. Free and open to the public. 


    ? Exhibition Dates for mirror IV and Patio Life:  February 7 - March 29

    ? More info on mirror IV:  https://www.3sarts.org/gallery/mirror-iv

    ? More info on Patio Life:  https://www.3sarts.org/gallery/patio-life


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