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  • TIMELY: NH Paid Family & Medical Leave webinars-- Nov. 9 and Nov. 10

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    The State is in high gear rolling out New Hampshire’s new paid family and medical leave program. As reported, the state has partnered with MetLife to fully insure and fully administer this voluntary benefit. All employers and all workers will have the ability to choose or not to choose to obtain coverage. MetLife is conducting a second series of employer webinars on Nov. 9 and 10 to help employers understand this unique, first of its kind, voluntary benefit.


    Information can be found by clicking on the website link below as well as visiting the social media profiles. All prior webinars can be viewed on the website and employers can sign up for the upcoming webinars.


    The Dec. 1 employer enrollment date is fast approaching as is the Jan. 1 individual enrollment date when all workers who are not provided employer sponsored coverage will be able to purchase coverage on their own.



    Visit https://www.paidfamilymedicalleave.nh.gov/ and follow on social media.





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