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  • Fabio Mesa Dreamers of This Century on display through June 18 at the Museum of New Art- Portsmouth

    PORTSMOUTH—The Museum of New Art - Portsmouth (MONA) is proud to announce its fourth exhibition, The Dreamers of This Century, a new solo exhibition of works by Fabio Mesa, a Columbian contemporary artist. The exhibition will run until June 18. 
    Fabio Mesa’s works constitute a commentary about the behavior of human beings as crowds. His paintings ask the viewers to find individual worth and shared values of humanity in crowds. He sees his work as both self-portraiture and presentation of the anonymous everyman. His expressionist technique reveals the emotional drive of organized human determination. Mesa’s landscapes and compositions approach the surreal, allowing the dream and the Dreamers to take prominence. 
    Mesa's works have been extensively exhibited in South America, China, United States and United Arab Emirates. Born in Medellin, Columbia, Mesa studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes and later at Medellin's Art Workshop. The theme of crowds marching towards common goals has been a deliberate personal signature in his works, throughout his career, offering a message of peace amid the struggles of the human condition in today’s world.
    The Dreamers of this Century is presented in the 6,800 sq. ft. space at the newly restored and renovated 1905 YMCA building in downtown Portsmouth.  

    Exhibit Events:

    • June 3 12-2 Community through Art : Afghan Women's Workshop embroidery demonstration
    • June 16 5-7:30 Summer KICK off with La Mulita: ticketed Espresso Martini and Coffee Bar event to support MONA
    • June 18 11-5 Last Day of Exhibit

    Artist’s Statement:
    In my work, crowds march toward common goals, which revolve around dreams that human beings share as a society: the search for peace, the struggle for a better life. 

    In my paintings, the “dreamers” tirelessly search for their dreams on the path of life that is often unknown to them but may lead to freedom and peace in another reality. My works encapsulate the world we live in today: the protests, the students marching together, united. They never give up and they are unified in their search for answers.
    About MONA
    The Museum of New Art (MONA) in Portsmouth is a Seacoast art space exclusively dedicated to the contemporary visual arts. With the mission of serving the area as a center of innovative exhibitions, education and community engagement, MONA is part of the newly restored 1905 YMCA building at the heart of historic downtown Portsmouth.

    For more information, please contact Shannon Bowser, executive director, at Shannon@monaportsmouth.org.

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