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    A Scene At A Time
    The script for the "A Scene at a Time" project is now in the hands of the last young playwright. We have had 30 writers between 8 and 17 years old participate in the creation of this story. Let us tell you: it's crazy and amazing! The Ring and Upside Arts are now working on the final "performance" that will take place as a collective online watch party. Stay tuned for more details!
    New SHAKESPRING: Romeo and Juliet
    The next episode of SHAKESPRING with Dan and Chrissie from Seven Stages Shakespeare Company will feature Romeo and Juliet, one of the many Shakespeare plays The Ring has put on since 1997. Join in the Monday morning fun and discoveries, often brought to light by special guests and old memorabilia. We rely on your generosity to support Seven Stages and their incredible work on this project, please consider making a donation to the SHAKESPRING project to help thank Dan!
    First session of Ring Readers Club was a success!
    This past Monday was the first session of the Ring Readers Club—it was a truly fun and interactive evening. Playwright Walt Freeman concluded the meeting saying that he had received immensely valuable feedback but also felt reassured that what he had hoped to convey had indeed been perceived and appreciated by the readers, so kudos to our Club Members! The next online session to discuss his work "9.12" will be on Thursday at 6:30PM.
    The next original play for the Club Members to discuss is already in the pipeline, so join now to take part in the August conversation!
    What is the Ring Readers Club?
    Every other month, Club members will be given a new script to read and will then gather (virtually till we can do so in person) for a fervent conversation about it. The meetings will be facilitated by our board member and theatre maven Ed Simeone, who's been moderating our talk-backs this past season. And we've already got the next play lined up for August!
    Best part? It's free to join!
    Artistic Committee reaches a decision
    Exciting news! The Artistic Committee has reached a decision about the line-up of phenomenal plays the Ring wishes to see produced on its stage during next "Season" (whichever form it will take and whenever it will be able to commence!). We are working hard to be able to share more updates soon about how we intend to proceed despite the uncertainty.
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