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  • Annual Award Nominations sought by Chamber Collaborative

    The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth needs help from its members. Right now while we have your attention.  

    The following awards will be presented this year as part of our annual celebration. Please take the time to send us businesses (or individuals) who you think are right for these awards. Please send them ASAP to Jennifer@PortsmouthCollaborative.org. And YES—you can nominate yourself, your business, or the business your work for. 

    1. Big Business of the Year Award: This award goes to a business with 50+ employees, an enthusiastic energy, and the readiness to help make the Portsmouth community a better place. This award should go to a business that is eager to help the Chamber and community in any way they can. It acknowledges their exemplary service/product and all of the wonderful work they have done.   

    1. Small Business of the Year Award: This award will go to a business with less than 50 employees, but still is extremely supportive of the Chamber and committed to the Portsmouth community. This award will recognize that even though this is a small business, they are professional and are willing to give to the community with their wonderful service, as well as support the Chamber as much as they can.  

    1. Collaborator of the Year Award: This award represents someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our members are connected. They will represent the Chamber when connecting to business and should welcome all new members with a warm smile and positive attitude. This award goes to someone who gets the job done with integrity and is ready to help anyone in any way they can.  


    1. Volunteer of the Year Award: This award represents someone who has always supported the Chamber and provided selfless service to both the Chamber and the community. They will be ready to help the Chamber professionally with a positive and upbeat attitude. This award will go to someone who is very devoted to helping the Chamber achieve their goals for events and helps capture every exciting moment. 

    And… announcing a new award for this year: 

    1. The Portsmouth Phoenix Award: This award goes to the person or business that has faced the pandemic head on — a global outbreak that made many reevaluate their personal and work life. This person or business faced that uncertainty, channeled their creativity, collaborated with others and rose above.