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  • Port City Makerspace adds new fleet of sewing machines thanks to a grant and a local business

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    PORTSMOUTH—Port City Makerspace, the nonprofit community membership shop located at
    68 Morning St., has something new to hum about: Five brand new sewing machines thanks to a
    $2550 grant from Kennebunk Savings Bank and invaluable community support from Seacoast
    Sewing and Quilting in Portsmouth.

    “Port City Makerspace has a mission we admire greatly – to encourage the ‘maker’ in
    everyone,” said Doug Smith, Community Relations Coordinator, Kennebunk Savings Bank. “As
    a mutual bank firmly rooted in the community, we believe that we’re better off when everyone
    has the opportunity to create and contribute. We will always be the first in line to help put the
    right tools in the hands of our friends and neighbors seeking creative expression and

    Kristen McCormack, who has taught sewing for 15 years, instructs everything from basic sewing
    and upcycling at the Makerspace. She also attends Friday community nights and serves as a
    resource for those who frequent the Soft Crafts Shop. The newest addition to the Makerspace,
    the shop opened in August 2021 after a substantial amount of work from volunteers.
    McCormack knows first-hand how advantageous the four new Brother sewing machines will be.
    The previous sewing machines were donated in used condition and often in need of repair.

    “Having a fleet of the same machine makes it much easier to teach several people at once. It
    will allow me to spend more time in the Makerspace using our machines. I would cart my sewing
    machines back-and-forth but will now be able to leave my home sewing studio intact.”

    The new Brother machines will perform all the basic stitches including buttonholes and a
    handful of embroidery stitches. McCormack said, “We also acquired a Juki Semi-Industrial
    machine that can be used for production sewing and quilting.”

    Jill Patsfield, owner of Seacoast Sewing and Quilting in Portsmouth, played an integral role in
    bringing in the new fleet of machines for the Makerspace as well. According to McCormack, “Jill
    advised us on the machines she thought would work best for our space and gave us an
    amazing discount—essentially selling us the machines at cost.” Patsfiled also donated a serger,
    bolts of fabric and a gift certificate for the Soft Crafts Shop’s grand opening.

    Word of the shiny new fleet of machines has already started to spread. Upon announcing the
    new machines, McCormack said they’ve seen an uptick in donations and interest in the Soft
    Crafts Shop.

    Look for the machines to star at community events such as Maker Community Nights and
    Costume Building Nights that are free and open to the public. They’ll also get ample use in
    sewing classes and projects. Best of all, there will no longer be the need to try to fix the
    equipment on the fly.

    The Port City Makerspace (PCMS) serves its surrounding community by encouraging local
    commerce, artistry, and environmentally minded consumption. Shop spaces dedicated to soft
    crafts, wood-working, metal-working, automotive and bicycles, electronics and 3D printing, and
    a classroom space which can be used for many more types of projects. On an individual level,
    PCMS offers something different to everyone. Visit www.portcitymakerspace.com to learn more!