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  • State of N.H. updated guidelines

    The State of N.H. has made extensive changes to the COVID guidelines over the last few weeks to minimize redundancy in each industry sector. Those guidelines that applied to all industry sectors have been removed from separate sector pages and now live only in the Universal Guidelines (UG) pages. 
    In some cases (e.g. outdoor attractions, arts, music education, funerals, and more) the sector pages have been eliminated entirely and you’ll find a note at the end of the UG specific to those sectors.
    At the bottom of all pages you’ll see a note that states “Updated MM/DD/YYYY.”  In future, the BEA expects that they will notify the NH Association of Chamber Execs (NHACCE) when changes have been made so we, the Chambers, can share that information with our members and through all distribution channels.
    Please bookmark https://www.covidguidance.nh.gov/ so you can keep up to date on changes made to the UG and your industry sectors.