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    What to Do When an Employee Starts Crying in a Disciplinary Meeting

    It can be difficult and awkward to see a person cry, especially if we are the catalyst.  Here is what to do when an employee starts crying during a difficult conversation or a disciplinary meeting. Keep the meeting going. Excusing the employee and postponing the discussion may seem like a good idea, but rest assured,Continue reading "What to Do When an Employee Starts Crying in a Disciplinary Meeting"
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    Empathy is Essential During Pandemic’s Tough Decisions

    Published in Union Leader: Employers have to show empathy while making tough decisions to maintain morale and avoid getting sued for their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, a human resources specialist says. During a UNH Center for Family Enterprise & CEO Forum webinar on Wednesday, Amy Cann, managing partner at HR ROI Consulting in Portsmouth,Continue reading "Empathy is Essential During Pandemic’s Tough Decisions"
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    End of the Road: Termination

    Deciding to terminate someone’s employment under any circumstances is complicated. The risk means employers must be thoughtful, fair-minded, and strategic. Termination on-the-spot without any investigation, conversation, or prior discipline often backfires. If the misconduct is severe, opt to suspend the employee pending an investigation, and carefully review all the evidence first. Make sure the organizationContinue reading "End of the Road: Termination"
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    Benefits of an HR Consultant

    Considering whether you should partner with a knowledgeable, professional HR consultant does involve your budget. However, it also pertains to your organizational goals, pain points, time restrictions, and risk tolerance. Here are a few of the benefits of working with an HR consultant. Flexibility: By partnering with an HR consultant, you have an expert atContinue reading "Benefits of an HR Consultant"
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