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  • 'Outside Mullingar': Romantic comedy coming to the Players’ Ring Theatre

    PORTSMOUTH – The awkward and adorable story of “Outside Mullingar” is coming to life at the Players’ Ring Theatre in Portsmouth, opening Sept. 29.
    Anthony Reilly (Donald Goettler) and Rosemary Muldoon (Constance Witman) have grown up in two neighboring farms in the Irish Midlands. Rosemary has been in love with Anthony since she was a little girl. But after having his heart broken as a young man, Anthony hasn’t dared open it to another woman. 
    Thirty years later, the two of them are still living next to each other, instead of together. But Rosemary is still convinced that he will eventually come to her, and is ready to do whatever it takes for this to happen!
    “Outside Mullingar,” written by John Patrick Shanley, which ran on Broadway in 2014, is by turns poetic, uplifting, dark and funny as well. 
    “My hope is that the audience will have a heart-warming good time watching these two misfit lovers find each other against considerable odds,” said the play’s director Matthew Parent.  “This play is not your traditional romantic comedy, however. Written by the author of the movie ‘Moonstruck,’ it's a very theatrical, quirky, and surprising story, with a twist ending that will surprise you!”
    Goettler, not only plays the leading man. He pitched the play to the Ring, and is also the set designer for the production.
    “I started performing at the Ring in the summer of 2009 as part of the summer late night series and have participated in at least one show each season since,” Goettler said. “The Ring has a special place in my heart and like many other artists, we call it a second home. The dedication, tremendous heart and passion put into the productions keeps me involved, engaged and supportive.”
    Goettler said he typically chooses plays that choose him first. 
    “Sometimes, just by reading the synopsis, character description and first stage directions is all it takes for me to get enthusiastic about a play,” he said. “I'm not an avid reader so if I can't put it down then I know it's got that special something. And if along the way I laugh and cry, then it's a winner in my book. ‘Outside Mullingar’ checked all the boxes.”
    As a set designer, Goettler uses Legos to help the cast and crew get an idea of the final product.
    “I'm a kid at heart and use them as a tool to create visual concepts of my set designs,” he said. “I started this practice with my first production of ‘A Thousand Clowns’ and have made it a tradition ever since. It’s a unique and fun way to model a set "
    The other two actors cast in “Outside Mullingar” are Phil Adams as Tony Reilly, and Carol Davenport as Aoife Muldoon.
    Since the play is set in Ireland, the actors will be using Irish accents during the play’s duration of 90 minutes.
    “Fortunately, a couple of the cast and crew are Irish, and have a really good ear for the accent,” Parent said. “So, we're really doing our best to be as authentic-sounding as possible without compromising the clarity and audibility of the dialogue.”
    Located in a historic building adjacent to Prescott Park in Portsmouth since 1992, the Players’ Ring strives to nurture creative freedom and artistic excellence within the local artist community, and to offer patrons inspiring theatre experiences within its uniquely intimate performance space with just 75 seats.
    The Puddle Dock Restaurant right across the street, and its sister restaurant Tour on Lafayette Road offer a 10% and 20% discount, respectively, on food to Players' Ring ticket holders. If patrons choose to take advantage of this offer at the Puddle Dock, they will be able to leave their cars parked in the restaurant's lot for the duration of the play (subject to availability.) 
    The Players' Ring is grateful for the support of its Main Sponsors: The Puddle Dock Restaurant, Tour Restaurant, Southport Printing Company, Kennebunk Savings and MacEdge. 
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    “Outside Mullingar” – a romantic comedy directed by Matthew Parent
    Where: The Players’ Ring Theatre
                   105 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH
                   Phone: (603) 436-8123
    When: Sept. 29 through Oct. 15
                 Fridays: 7:30 p.m.; Saturdays: 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sundays, 2:30 p.m.
    Ticket Prices: General admission, $28; seniors (over 65) and students, $25
    This show is included in the Players’ Ring subscription packages:
    Four- and six -show subscriptions available ($92, $129, offering  20%, 25% off single-ticket prices.)

    Visit www.playersring.org to order tickets and subscriptions.

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