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    Our first submitted quilt square showcases the colors of the seacoast
    Made by an experienced quilter, this square was designed with the ocean and seaside in mind. The submitter told us...

    I design & make quilts for those I think "need" one. I choose the cotton fabrics in colors and motifs that represent that person. This square is a strip from some of the ones I've done, choosing "sea" colors to represent Portsmouth Seacoast. They are always given as a surprise to that person, and always out of regard, love & concern. I wanted to share some of that with you!

    We are so lucky to have received such a beautiful work of art for our very first step on this journey.
    ...experience definitely NOT required!
    These creative kids used an old dinner napkin and part of a pillow case, along with some standard markers, to decorate their squares!

    However, we don't want to discourage ANY of you. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of skill level or craft. Quilts are all about recycling fabric and using up scraps, so your Clippers t-shirt signed by the basketball team would be a great addition to our patchwork. 

    Please consider submitting a quilt square. We want you to be part of this story, too!

    Not all quilts are what you'd expect
    Some quilts are visually much simpler affairs, made more for keeping you warm, rather than telling a story. This quilt is made from "whole cloth", meaning it isn't a patchwork quilt made from many tiny scraps. It still has a top layer, a bottom layer, and some batting, or fluffy filler, in between, with all three layers stitched (or quilted) together. This style of quilt really shows off the lovely pattern of this fabric and makes for very elegant décor, don't you think?

    Quilt, probably Seacoast area, nineteenth century.  Cotton; 88 x 74 1/2 in.  Lent by James Dow (2009.71).  With detail of bird.
    May is Preservation Month
    Over the past four years, our preservation goals at Portsmouth Historical Society have revolved around our beloved John Paul Jones House at 43 Middle Street. A big thank you to the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) and the Portsmouth Rotary for all their help in keeping this 1758 landmark healthy and beautiful.

    Below, you'll see before-and-after photos of the fence, which was definitely in need of repair and replacement, as well as the foundation of the John Paul Jones House. Repairing and repointing the foundation meant digging down several feet after an archaeologist dug test pits to determine if there were any undisturbed areas of important archaeological value.
    Power-washing the fence in preparation for new paint
    And it's a messy job!
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