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  • That's HOT: Spicy Shark picks up six Scovies (hosted by the Fiery Foods Show)

    When the owner of the Fiery Foods Show, the biggest and longest running spicy food show in the U.S.A,  in Albuquerque, N.M. called Gabe DiSaverio, the owner of The Spicy Shark recently, she had some hot news. Of all the awards in the Hot Sauce / Spicy Food Industry, the Scovies (hosted by the Fiery Foods Show) are considered to be the Oscars of the Industry.  The Spicy Shark had just won 6 Scovies….including BEST IN SHOW for the Hot Maple Syrup.  

    You will certainly be hearing more about this The Spicy Shark, thanks in part to this recent news:

    • The Spicy Shark Hot Maple Syrup won GRAND PRIZE Tasting Division
    • The Spicy Shark Caribbean Reef Shark won 1st place in the Hot Sauce->World Beat-Mild/Medium category
    • The Spicy Shark Hot Maple Syrup won 1st place in the Sweet Heat->Sweet Sauces category
    • The Spicy Shark Hot Honey won 2nd place in the Condiments-Hot & Spicy->Unique  category
    • The Spicy Shark Wing Sauce won 2nd place in the Wing Sauce->Unique  category
    • The Spicy Shark Tiger Shark won 3rd place in the Hot Sauce->Fruit-Hot category
    • The Spicy Shark Original Hot Sauce won 3rd place in the Hot Sauce->Habanero category
    In the meantime, to learn where to get your hands on a jar of the award-winning Spicy Shark in the area, visit https://www.thespicyshark.com/.