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  • You're Invited to Local Roots 9.27.23 | Tinos Kitchen + Bar

    HAMPTON—Tinos Kitchen + Bar

    L O C A L  R O O T S
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | $135 per person
    9-11 course tasting menu with thoughtful beverage pairings


    M E N U

     beverage pairings to be announced 

    FOCACCIA SARDENAIRA | tomato | capers | Rockingham cheese

    PORK & TUNA | green tomato | aioli | arugula

    MUSHROOM PATE | Dunk’s mushrooms | pâté

    SMOKED EEL CROQUETTES | garlic aioli | pea tendrils | green crab

    BABY KALE SALAD | ricotta | wheat berries | lemon


    PUMPKIN PASTA | butternut | delicata | dark chocolate balsamic

    LOBSTER BOUILLABAISSE | saffron | fennel | green crab

    DUCK CONFIT | kale | potato | bacon | concord grape

    CHOCOLATE BUTTERMILK PIE | apples | chocolate

    about Local Roots...
    a word from Chef GJ Overmars 

    "First and foremost, farming is hard, especially here in New England where the seasons for doing so are short and intense.

    Becoming sustainable and sourcing produce year round from local vendors is a bit of a challenge, especially as a Mediterranean restaurant, a cuisine with fresh produce at its core.

    Our latitudes in New Hampshire are quite different from those in the Middle East, to say the least. There, the temperature very rarely goes under the freezing point and their growing season is about four months longer than ours. But with every new menu we seem to become a little more sustainable, thanks to the help of several local vendors and a highly creative staff. Additionally, we're sure that one day in the near future we will have 90% of our produce coming from local farmers.

    One of the main reasons we created this dinner series is to show that it’s possible to do everything almost entirely local, or at least within a 50 mile radius. Furthermore, we felt our farmers deserved some much needed recognition.

    To quote the wonderful Bourdain, “food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start."


    Tinos is located at 325 Lafayette Road in Hampton, NH and features a modern, ingredient driven menu inspired by the iconic flavors of the Mediterranean.