• Bryttnie Gillis

  • Bryttnie Gillis, Envision Group at Compass

    Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

    I joined the Chamber to find out why everyone else joins the Chamber— I quickly figured it out and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    What is a Chamber benefit that you feel is helpful to you and your industry, specifically? 

    Connections. Knowing that I can reach out to countless close connections I’ve made through the Chamber, to get even further connected to the right people, to add value to my clients is priceless. The collaborative network is extraordinary. 

    If someone told you they were planning to join the Chamber, what advice would you give them about making the most of their membership? 

    Show up and ask questions. Take advantage of as many opportunities and if you’re not sure what’s happening, reach out to one of many friendly Ambassadors who would love to ensure you’re optimizing your membership.

    “Because of my membership in the Chamber I…” 

    I have grown tremendously on both a personal and professional level. It has provided me with various opportunities to hone my interpersonal skills, create friendships, and catapult my business!

    Learn More:

    Give me a ring, shoot me a text, or swing by my office— happy to get specific! 603.777.2626