• Will Arvello

  • Will Arvello & Piperlea, Cross Roads House

    We are a member through Cross Roads House, the second-largest homeless shelter in NH, and we have benefitted from member support. We are also a member through the Business Alliance for People of Color (BAPOC) which I chair. The Chamber Collaborative and BAPOC have collaborated on several events related to encouraging connections between the Chamber Collaborative and businesses of color and an educational public event to bring attention to LGBTQ+ and racially diverse businesses in our community.

    Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

    The Chamber is a community of people trying to improve the business and general community environments. It is a convener and gathering place.

    What is a Chamber benefit that you feel is helpful to you and your industry, specifically? 

    I love the pop-up events throughout the community and that this Chamber is not afraid to take on important issues and initiatives such as welcoming and protecting diversity and standing up to all forms of hatred toward the business community.

    If someone told you they were planning to join the Chamber, what advice would you give them about making the most of their membership? 

    Get involved and attend events.

    “Because of my membership in the Chamber I…” 

    I am able to become a member of a closer knitted community.

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    Will welcomes questions from fellow members, or future members, via email.