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    For the holidays this year, we are not throwing a gala. Instead, we are gathering resources, and the most important one, is hope. In our desire to help those most in need, we asked our nonprofits to tell us what they hoped for the holidays, which have hit particularly hard during a pandemic. 

    We asked them to think up tangible needs they could put a price tag on, in three levels: big, then bigger and then HUGE. And we’ve presented that to you below, in the hopes that you can make holidays brighter, more meaningful, and hopefully happier in 2020. As you’ll note, this initiative of hope runs past Dec. 25 and into the new year, a year we are looking forward to meeting head on, with replenished hope and spirits. Join us! 

    If you have a question or concern about Hope for the Holidays, please contact Ben VanCamp.

    Thank you to those who's support is making hope a reality this season.