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    For the holidays this year, we are not throwing a gala. Instead, we are gathering resources, and the most important one, is hope. In our desire to help those most in need, we asked our nonprofits to tell us what they hoped for the holidays, which have hit particularly hard during a pandemic. 

    We asked them to think up tangible needs they could put a price tag on, in three levels: big, then bigger and then HUGE. And we’ve presented that to you below, in the hopes that you can make holidays brighter, more meaningful, and hopefully happier in 2020. As you’ll note, this initiative of hope runs past Dec. 25 and into the new year, a year we are looking forward to meeting head on, with replenished hope and spirits. Join us! 

    If you have a question or concern about Hope for the Holidays, please contact Ben VanCamp.

    Thank you to those who's support is making hope a reality this season.

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    YMCA - Membership for a Senior

    $500 CAN provide a senior with a one year membership helping them stay healthy and well.

    Portsmouth Athenaeum – Preserve Local Photographs in Perpetuity

    A gift of $600 will buy an upright freezer to store at-risk photographic collections. The Athenaeum currently houses thousands of archival photographs, some of which need special storage conditions to prevent deterioration. Cold storage helps preserve photographs for the long term so that they will be available for generations of researchers.

    The Music Hall - Emerging Artist Performance

    $750 to bring an emerging artist to the Music Hall stage for a performance.

    The Music Hall - Arts Professional

    $1,000 to keep an arts professional employed for another week.

    Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra - Stringendo Rehearsal Space

    Cover the rehearsal space rental cost for one season for “stringendo” Youth Ensemble.

    YMCA - Summer Camp For Five

    $1,000 CAN provide up to five children a week of summer day camp at Camp Gundalow in Greenland, giving them positive memories and building friendships to last a lifetime.

    Seacoast Rep - Arts Child Scholarship

    A gift of $1,250 would help send a child to our performing arts classes, workshops, camps, and other youth programs who could otherwise not be able to participate.

    PPAF - Sponsor a Character

    $1,500 - Sponsor one character from PPAF's summer musical

    Seacoast Eat Local - Sponsor the Mobile Market

    A gift of $1,500 will pay for the Seacoast Area Mobile Market to operate its food donation program for a week. We donate fresh local food to area food pantries in need!

    Richie McFarland - One Year of Therapy

    $1,500.00 funds the gap between the annual cost of therapy per child minus the available federal and state subsidies.

    Portsmouth Historical Society - 3rd Grade Sponsorship

    Your gift of $1,500 would cover the average cost for one whole class to participate in this program for all 9 classroom sessions and the end of the year field trip. There are nine 3rd grade classrooms currently in the Portsmouth public school system.

    Seacoast Rep - Series Sponsorship

    $2,500 sponsorship will help cover the costs of our new series, The Sol Series, which is committed to amplifying the voices of people of color and diversity by bringing forward important stories of heritage, culture, and diverse perspectives, to the American theatre scene and the souls of all mankind.
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