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    Step Up Parents - Food

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    $50 will help provide grocery gift cards to those caring for the children in kinship care.
    Manufacturer: Step Up Parents
    Step Up Parents provides financial assistance to kinship caregivers in New Hampshire who are raising the children of drug addicted parents.

    Each of our family’s needs are unique.  Many of our requests, especially since Covid, are basic for needs - food, gas, clothing, housing.    We have requests for car repair, daycare, legal bills, rent, beds, music lessons, home repair to make the home safe for children - almost anything that is timely to a family.  

    From a $50 gift card for food, gas, clothing to $500 for rent, daycare, therapeutic horse back riding, internet for remote learning are ALL helpful.  Children are often moved to a kinship caregiver home without warning.  They are in need of diapers, formula and clothing.  Some children arrive with only the clothes on their back.  Many families need help with technology for remote learning.  We currently have a cap of $500 per family per year.  As we grow and acquire more funding, we hope to increase this cap.